Vision Recycling

Returning Organics Back to Local Soils

We Accept Green Waste Materials from Local Homes and Businesses

“At Vision Recycling we strive to make the highest quality products from 100% recycled material. We provide soil amendment, planting soil, compost, and a variety of mulches and wood chips. Our prices are very competitive as we produce our own products and are not resellers. Products are made from leaves, brush, tree trimmings, and other yard debris as well as clean wood. We do not use any manures in our products.”

Vision Recycling accepts organic materials and uses them to produce a complete line of quality landscaping materials. They value a localized approach to green waste recycling, minimizing trucks on the road, and returning materials to the soil from which they came.

Vision Recycling is owned by Tom Del Conte of Del Conte’s Landscaping, an award-winning landscape contracting firm that has been serving the Bay?Area for over 42 years.

In 1993 Tom founded Vision Recycling, a separate organic recycling company and compost producer in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas, with the goal of creating what has become 14 different landscaping/gardening products that would otherwise end up as landfill.
There are now seven Vision Recycling sites: Livermore, Newark, Ben Lomond,?Watsonville,?Salinas,?Gonzales, along with Benicia, and plans for new locations are in the near future.

Tom purchased the Benicia location from CCL Organics a year ago. Under the California State mandate requiring businesses and multi-family dwellings to recycle their green waste, Vision Recycling’s location affords quick access to dropping off clean garden discards. Dumping green waste into your own recycle bin is probably easier, but by bringing your trimmings to Vision Recycling you know it’s going to be put to good use.

 – Joye Ogrodowski

We Sell:

Compost • Soil Amendment • Topsoil Blends • Mulch • Wood Chips

We Accept:

Yard Trimmings • Brush • Tree Cuttings • Clean Unpainted Untreated Lumber

From L to R: Adan Rodriguez/Sales & Business Development Manager; Jimmy Dodd/Site Manager; Charles EB Cain/Staff Member

Planter’s Mix

Planter’s Mix is a topsoil blend that can be used to plant in directly. The addition of OMRI listed organic compost to this blend makes it a rich and fertile soil for your landscape plantings. Use for raised beds, raising soil levels, grading, houseplants, starting seedlings, and generally anywhere you need to plant.




1460 Goodyear Road, Benicia | 510.429.1300

Livermore • Newark • Ben Lomond • Watsonville • Salinas • Gonzales • Benicia