Starting Gate School

Starting Gate School Welcomes Back Teacher Shawna

\"\"Teacher Shawna (Arzadon) is back teaching at Starting Gate School and loving every minute of her time there. Many parents and former students still remember her from the initial time she spent at the school. She met former principal Steven Reignierd in 1991 while a high school student performing community service. Mr. Reignierd saw something in Shawna, and encouraged her to become a pre-school teacher. She proceeded to become a full-time college student to realize her dream, while working as a teacher’s aide. “You never now what you want until you are there,” she says.
All-in-all, Shawna has spent 26 years working with children, including 10 years running a pre-school/daycare program out of her home. Along the way, she has developed exceptional leadership and organizational skills. She’s dedicated, passionate, and respectful. She believes that children should learn those same skills in order to live fuller lives in the future, and she makes learning those attributes fun and exciting.
“I teach children that the sky’s the limit,” Shawna explains. “I teach them how to function in the world, how to bend and adapt into our culture, and to respect others; to adapt to the environment by being smart and conscious of the world around them.
“Confidence is everything. If you don’t know what you can do, you won’t do it. Why should we limit ourselves when we can adapt? It starts with structure. I teach kids to look before they leap.”
Shawna exemplifies the philosophy of the school itself. Starting Gate School offers a creative educational concept and a dedication to excellence made evident through its outstanding academic program. The small, intimate atmosphere provides children with an environment where they can learn and grow individually. The curriculum is challenging, nurturing, engaging, and diverse, creating a priceless passion for learning. Starting Gate School not only fosters success, but encourages positive values and invaluable social skills.

\"\"Rooted in a history that embraces cultural diversity, Starting Gate School is a private, co-educational pre-collegiate, non-profit facility. It offers a safe environment for students enrolled in K-12, with a separate preschool facility. Small classes, excursions that enchant naturally curious learners, classrooms packed with adventure, and an educational garden stocked with bright, colorful flowers are only a few of the many attributes your child will enjoy at Starting Gate School.

\"\"Principal David Reignierd
Starting Gate School