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Trusted Financial Planning With Over 40 Year of Combined Experience

Lobdell & Lane Wealth Management is an independent investment advisory firm with offices in Benicia, CA. They provide comprehensive wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning services. As a customer, you decide how you want your life to look. Lobdell & Lane Wealth Management will develop a long-term plan to help you accomplish your objectives and retirement needs.

The firm is “committed to providing brokerage service and/or investment advice with the utmost professionalism and integrity. These qualities are a vital business asset. The confidence placed in Lobdell & Lane Wealth Management is reflected in the progress and success of its investors.

Mark Lobdell

Mark Lobdell has been providing financial services since 1978, helping families pursue their financial goals. He spent time as an officer in the US Army while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in business from Eastern Washington University.


Simone Lane

Simone Lane began her career in the mortgage loan industry. She soon found another area of passion when she joined Mark’s company in 2008. She has been a licensed Financial Advisor since 2018, and now a partner in the firm, she explains that financial planning has a more technical aspect to it, and comes with greater responsibility. She loves her job.

Many people don’t think about the future. They tend to dwell in the present: working, parenting, living. Looking down the road, however, has many benefits, and whether you’d like to accumulate or preserve your assets, Lobdell & Lane Wealth Management can create a plan for you.

If you’re interested in wealth accumulation, perhaps for the purchase of a business, a second home, or college tuition for your children, Lobdell & Lane Wealth Management can help you with the process.

As your wealth and income grow, you may be thinking about retirement, and your ability to live the life you choose to live. Lobdell & Lane Wealth Management can help you with that too.

It’s never too late to start planning for the future. The goal is success.

– Joye Ogrodowski

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831 E 2nd Street #202,  Benicia
(Upstairs in the Power House Building)

Mark Lobdell
CA Ins. Lic. #0A29264

Simone Lane
CA. Ins. Lic. #4027509