La Cuchara Restaurant & Bakery

La Cuchara Features Authentic Salvadorean
& Mexican Food Worth Stopping By For…

Warm, fresh tortilla chips…Mild spicy carne asada burrito…Does it get any better than that? After I visited this restaurant, I heard they have killer pupusas. I can’t wait to go back and try them!

La Cuchara Restaurant & Bakery owner Eduardo Paniagua grew up in El Salvador surrounded by the food industry. His mother owned restaurants when he was a child, and he found his calling when he and his wife opened La Cuchara de Doña, a wildly popular roving food truck. Using his mother’s recipes, Eduardo then opened La Cuchara Restaurant & Bakery, a brick and mortar establishment at 105 Couch Street, at Sonoma, in Vallejo.

Eduardo still has the “Tamale Truck,” which has been referred to as “Vallejo’s hidden gem” by customers, and will be parked outside of the restaurant from 6am-11am daily. He has also just opened a bakery within the restaurant that features traditional Salvadorean and Mexican pastries.

Touted as a Latin Fusion Eatery, La Cuchara offers a unique blend of Central American flair and Spanish influence. Eduardo utilizes simple ingredients based on tried-and-true recipes, to create rich and filling meals.

The establishment is open seven days a week, from 6am-8pm for whenever you have the urge for authentic, satisfying, home-cooked food.

– Joye Ogrodowski

La Cuchara Restaurant & Bakery

La Cuchara

Eduardo Paniagua, Proprietor

Latin Fusion Eatery & Bakery

105 Couch Street @ Sonoma, Vallejo • 707.654.8242

La Cuchara Restaurant & Bakery
La Cuchara Restaurant & Bakery
La Cuchara Restaurant & Bakery