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\"\"Harmony Organics\’ soil products have done wonders for my heirloom tomatoes. I have used their  soil blends, bokashi, and elemite, and I am really impressed by my plants\’ foliage color and shoot-root development. I am getting lots of flowers and fruits even on plants potted in 1 gallon pots. Plants love  the good drainage and moisture-retention capacity of coco coir and rich microbiology provided by bokashi. If you are looking to improve your soil or build raised beds, Harmony Organics can  provide you sustainable and completely organic solutions to your soil problems.” — ST

Growing your own organic fruits and vegetables, free of toxic chemicals, can reap health benefits not found in local grocery store produce. Your crop may not look as perfect as what you find in stores, but the flavor is superior, and has been shown to have a higher vitamin and mineral content.


Harmony Organics is a family-owned business located in Benicia, with manufacturing and distribution in the Tri-County areas of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties.

The mission of Harmony Organics is a simple one: “To reduce our dependency on chemical fertilizers and non-renewable amendments and gardening techniques.” They are your supplier of holistic soil blends, amendments, Vermi-compost, Coco Coir, Coco Pots, Pumice, Compost Tea, Worm Castings, Bokashi for composting, Premium Organic Soil Blends, and more. Your success is their success.

According to partner Pat Murphy, “We’re always looking for ways to improve the soils we offer. We like to share our knowledge, and grow together.”

Harmony Organics soils don’t actually contain dirt – only a variety of organic components including organic coco coir, chicken manure, bat guano, fish meal, shrimp shell, gypsum, soft rock phosphate, elemite trace minerals, oyster shell flour, and a microbial inoculants – all chemical-free.

In addition to soil amendments, Harmony Organics is experimenting with growing microgreens: young vegetable greens that fall somewhere between sprouts and baby leaf vegetables. They generally have an intense aromatic flavor and concentrated nutrient content, and come in a variety of colors and textures.

– Joye Ogrodowski

Harmony Organics
Harmony Organics
Harmony Organics

\"\"Coco Coir Brick: Sustainable, Drought-Tolerant Substrate: 100% Sustainable and Eco-Friendly. Easy to use. Simply add water, mix well and blend with compost, vermi-compost, and/or other amendments to create a holistic soil blend that your plants will love! One brick holds 8 to 10 times its volume in water.


\"\"Grower’s Premium Blend: An all-natural amended soil that promotes robust growth, healthy root structure, and increased yield. This mix can be used as a stand-alone potting mix or blended into existing soils.

\"\"Harmony Organics

6600 Goodyear Road, Benicia