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Will & Grace

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The Heartbreaking Story of Will and Grace

\"pfe-cat02\"Penal Code 597 PC, the California animal abuse law, makes it a crime to kill, physically harm, neglect, or overwork an animal. Penal Code 597.5 PC makes it illegal to be in any way involved with dog fighting. Yet these hideous actions and events continue.

On October 14, 2016, two four-week-old kittens were dropped off at Pet Food Express in Benicia.Their tiny legs had been tightly bound with rubber bands so they could not protect themselves while being used as bait-animals for dog fighting. They were on the brink of death, malnourished and covered in oozing, infected sores.

ABC Channel 7 News jumped on the story immediately – a scenario that shocked even veteran animal rescuers. Pet Food Express store manager and president of the rescue group Solano County Friends of Animals Leona Edejer told ABC  “This is the first time I’ve seen our entire staff reduced to tears…everybody.” Leona has seen thousands of abandoned kittens before, but few like these, who were dubbed Will and Grace by the staff.

Meet Will! Thanks to the loving support of so many, this sweet kitten has a chance to live a normal life.


Both Will and Grace suffered severe damage to their paws and legs. Grace developed gangrene as the result of her injuries and could not be saved short of amputating all four of her legs. That left Will to fight for his life without his sibling, but he is far from alone. When Leona asked her staff if anybody would be willing to foster Will along his long road to recovery, Crystal Distefano immediately raised her hand. Crystal and her 18-year-old daughter Katie have cared for Will ever since. His right rear paw was so damaged, Crystal said she held her breath for about a week, hoping it would start to heal. The paw eventually fell off while he snuggled in her bed. One of his toes had to be removed as well. Crystal and Katie have never given up hope though, and they are determined that Will’s life will be a wonderful one. “This one will not die,” Crystal said.

Will’s care and treatment will cost thousands of dollars, but a Go Fund Me campaign has raised a lot of the necessary funds. Pet Food Express has contributed $2,500.00 to his care, and has offered a $5,000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for this horrific crime.

Will has made many visits to the vet, and faces several more. If you’re interested in helping this sweet boy survive, go to

Help Us Help Homeless Pets!

\"pfe-logo\"Each December, the Pet Food Express Giving Tree fundraiser invites you to Help Us Help Homeless Pets! You can participate in Giving Tree by purchasing a Kong toy or Bixbi treat and donating it to a local, homeless pet. In the last five years, Giving Tree has raised more than $600,000 via products and financial aid for over 100 California animal shelters and rescues. Your generosity will help bring holiday joy to a homeless animal in your community!

– Joye Ogrodowski

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