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A Quality Grooming Offers Routine Grooming That Will Help Your Pet Look Better, Feel Better, and Live a Healthier Life

Professional dog and cat grooming isn’t just about making your pet look good. There are also many physical, health, and emotional benefits to regular professional grooming that your “best friend” would be happy to experience on a regular basis.

At it’s most basic level, grooming is the process of bathing, coat trimming, brushing out, nail clipping, and generally cleaning and giving your pet a “spa day,” for which s/he will be eternally grateful. However, Angie Sandefer, owner of A Quality Grooming on Benicia Road in Vallejo, takes the pet care she offers many steps further.

Quality-Groom-ANGIEAngie has been grooming pets for nearly 28 years, and has loved every minute of it. The well-being of the animals she sees is of the utmost importance to her, and she treats her clients as she would her own human friends. She’s patient, loving, understanding, and genuinely cares about the health and comfort of the dogs and cats she sees.

Seeing the same groomer on a regular basis can be  extremely beneficial. As a former Vet Tech, Angie goes from nose to tail during the grooming process, and is aware of new growths, differences in skin condition, flea issues, ear problems, and the general overall condition of your pet. If she finds that something has changed since your last visit, she will advise you of what she can do to solve the issue, or recommend that you take your pet to your veterinarian. Diagnosing physical problems early, while there’s still a chance for treatment, may save your pet’s life.

Angie provides a cage-free environment for her four-footed visitors, where they can roam around on their own – if they behave. Even animals who have shown signs of fear or uneasiness at other groomers, can relax and have fun at A Quality Grooming.


The business Angie started nine years ago on a “hope and a prayer,” is now thriving. Make your appointments early, as A Quality Grooming is often booked four-six weeks in advance. It’s well worth the wait, and your pets will thank you for it.
– Joye Ogrodowski

Angie Sandefer
551 Benicia Rd • Vallejo

Benefits of Pet Grooming

Angie is trained in the safest techniques to effectively remove dead hair and skin from your pet’s coat. This not only improves the look of the coat, but also improves air circulation to the skin.

Regular grooming and massage during washing increases blood flow to your pet’s hair follicles, and, when done on a regular basis, can help improve the overall health and condition of his skin and coat.

Bobby The Mascot
Bobby The Mascot

Introducing Shanel!

Angie Sandefer Owner/Groomer
Angie Sandefer Owner/Groomer

Certified/Experienced Groomer

Shanel did a wonderful job on my three babies! The shop is clean and the atmosphere is friendly. You can tell they love their customers. Now that I have found A Quality Groom-ing, I won’t go anywhere else. They are wonderful!”  – MJL – Vallejo