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Explore the Next Step in Your Musical Dream at 851 Music Studio

What a great place to learn to play an instrument! I’m so impressed with this studio and highly recommend it. Excellent teachers. Very high quality.”  – B.B., Benicia


J Shelby

Playing a musical instrument teaches perseverance, discipline, and responsibility, important skills for accomplishing anything in life. Music feeds the soul and fuels our minds and our creativity…it is a universal language that can be shared with people around the world. Researchers have found that music is a vital part of a complete education, as musical training helps children develop language and reasoning, a mastery of memorization and coordination, a sense of achievement, and keeps them engaged in school.

851 Music Studio offers a brilliant and talented staff of devoted full time teachers who’ve spent their lives honing and refining their craft. All of their teachers are degreed and/or working professionals, and meet or surpass the State of California’s educational standards. The traditions of music taught are endowed with personal knowledge and many years of experience. They use the most innovative teaching methods in a beautiful environment for learning: a unique, spacious facility featuring iMac computers and an array of pop musical instruments.

Jeff Campitelli

At 851 Music Studio, you not only learn to play an instrument: you learn how to perform, how to interact with an audience, how to put words to melody, making your song’s journey more alluring and beguiling, and how to experience the pure joy of music.

Stop by and take advantage of a free lesson – everyone is welcome. Find out why 851 Music Studio is the most innovative and well-established music school in the North Bay Area.

– Joye Ogrodowski

Services Include…

Patient, professional, courteous, experienced teachers • Guitar, Bass, Voice, Piano, Drums and more • All ages taught • Beginners and advanced welcome • Private and group classes • Spacious, well-equipped studio Special classes for very young children • Music technology Discount options available • Gift Certificates

851 Music Studio

James Shelby
1043 Grant Street, Benicia