Vons Chicken

Visit Vons for Authentic, Addictive Korean Oven & Fried Chicken

“This spot is awesome for satisfying my Korean Fried Chicken craving. The owner is super nice and very accommodating. There is a kiosk outside so if you prefer to order without the cashier to maintain more social distancing, that option is there for you as well. OH ALSO, try the rice beer! It’s the bomb!” – AR/Vallejo

Vons Chicken specializes in Korean-style fried or baked chicken, with a variety of tasty sauces and side dishes. The combination of spices, cold and hot, briny and sweet, and crunchy and tender is irresistible.

There are over 20 Vons locations in northern California, with the newest having opened in Vallejo on April 1st in the Glen Cove Shop-ping Center, right next to Safeway. The restaurant has been completely refurbished and redecorated, and has been getting rave reviews from customers.

Owner Julie Dhone explains that her Korean-inspired chicken dishes are very authentic. “We get all of our spices and condiments from Korea. We only use fresh chicken, never frozen. We hand-batter each piece, double-fry, and hand-brush the sauces.

“Our chicken is very crispy and crunchy. We use a special oven that helps keep the chicken juicy.

One of Vons Chicken’s specialties is Kimchi Fried Rice. Kimchi is the national dish of South Korea and is chock full of good probiotics, vitamins A, B, and C, and antioxidants, and has been haled by many as one of the world’s healthiest foods.

Korean fried chicken dishes go hand-in-hand with beer and wine. Vons offers a nice selection of Korean beers, Makgolli, and Korean Rice Wine, a generations-old fermented repast that comes in banana and peach flavors.

Julie has plans to add more menu items. Coming soon: beef, pork, and chicken Bulgogi (Korean bar-b-que), to go along with freshly made onion rings or French fries. If your mouth is watering…Vons Chicken is open six days a week (except Tuesday) from 11am-9pm, or ORDER ON-LINE!

Joye Ogrodowski

Vons Chicken

134 Robles Way, Vallejo (Glen Cove Shopping Center Next to Safeway)
Order On-Line! www.VonsChickenVallejo.com | 707.980.6333
Hours: Mon/Wed/Thurs/Sun 11am-8:30pm • Tues Closed • Fri/Sat 11am-9pm